Do Yourself a Favor and Start Listening to Podcasts Immediately 

This past Spring I was watching an episode of The Bachelor when it dawned on me that I was watching way too much TV. I had recently graduated from college and aside from work, I now had a huge amount of free time on my hands. Sure this show had been my guilty pleasure for the last couple of seasons, but it wasn’t stimulating my brain in any way. Some may even say that the show is an insult to one’s intelligence. I had binged watched every series I could think of and I was at a television dead end. Okay, maybe there were other shows I could’ve started, but I couldn’t get into Stranger Things by episode three and How to Get Away with Murder just was not my cup of tea. The thing was I wasn’t craving reality TV or an addicting Netflix series. I needed something that required me to actually think. What I needed was a form of entertainment that was constructive and in a way, educational. And by educational I don’t just mean learning medical terms from Grey’s Anatomy. That’s when the idea of podcasts popped into my head. Wait like those radio shows where people just talk for hours on end? Do people really listen to those? Do they still even exist?

That night I redownloaded the Podcast app on my phone. I’m not the only one who at one point has deleted this app to increase the storage on their iPhone, right? I clicked on the new download and right away it was like I had stepped into a whole other world. The wonderful world of Podcasts. There were endless channels and thousands of topics to choose from. Need relationship advice? There were podcasts for that. Want to learn how to build credit? There were podcasts for that too. As someone who was new to the post-grad world (aka adulthood), I realized this app could easily be the source of where I could find answers to all those questions I had about “adulting”. I no longer had to run to the family group chat every time I was confused or curious about something. Sure it’s great to seek advice from your mom, aunt, and 35-year -old sister, but it’s even better to be able to listen to a 15-60 minute discussion centered around exactly what you want to learn more about.

I know I probably sound like the biggest dork. And I probably am because at this point I listen to podcasts more often than I listen to music or watch television. However, I have gained such a tremendous amount of knowledge since I started. With each episode I feel much more prepared and well-informed than I did before I pressed play on that episode. Over the last few months I have suscribed to a plethora of shows that center around all different types of topics. Here are five podcasts that every person in their twenties should check out ASAP.

#1. Millennial. Do yourself a favor and suscribe to this podcast. It is by far my FAVORITE, hands down. Millennial is hosted by an intellectual yet extremely down to earth twenty-something named Megan Tann, who documents her experiences in real time. The early episodes were actually recorded in a closet a few months after she had graduated from college. Since then, her show has become such a big hit that she is able to do Millennial as a full time job now. What I love most about this podcast is how honest she is and how vulnerable she makes herself. You get to hear about the ups in her life just as much as the downs. The episodes really do a great job of keeping you engaged by using real audio from her everyday interactions with the people in her life. From difficult conversations she’s had to have with her boyfriend regarding their future to answering questions at an interview for a part-time job, you get to hear it all.

#2. Relationship Alive. You and your significant other don’t need to have a relationship like Ronnie and Sam from the Jersey Shore in order to take away some really helpful advice from this podcast. Heck, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (the definition of relationship goals) could probably even learn a thing or two from listening. Although the host, Neil Sattin, often discusses some really tough relationship issues and situations such as long distance relationships and infidelity, he also covers a lot of lighter topics like the the impact of gratitude in a relationship. 

#3. Student Loan Show. This podcast is the holy grail for answers surrounding your questions about student loans. Because let’s be honest, student loans and finances can be pretty confusing when you are fresh out of college. The host, Jay Fleischman, is a student loan lawyer (not going to lie I didn’t even know that was a thing). From explaining loan consolidation in a language that someone in their early twenties can actually understand, to topics such as how to affectively manage your student loans when you have A.D.D/A.D.H.D. What is also cool about Jay is that you can pay an additional fee on his website for his professional advice personally regarding your student loans and have him make a plan specifically for you.

#4. The Dave Ramsey Show. Dave Ramsey is an author of several financial self-help books. I actually mentioned one of his books in my last post (“Treat Yo Self”). What I like most about Dave is that at one point in his life he had to file for bankruptcy and lost everything. As a result, he is able to give people the most awesome and trusted advice when it comes to anything regarding money. I’ll warn you now, Dave has a tough-love kind of personality and sometime his advice may seem a little radical (canceling your internet and trading in your smart phone for a track phone), but he really is the expert on insurance, taxes, budgeting,  home owning, etc. Bonus: Dave has recently come out with The Graduate Survival Guide!! I definitely know what audio book I’m listening to next.


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